About Us

Our Vision

Sitka Properties improves neighborhoods and communities by providing high quality, energy efficient homes from renovations of homes that could use some TLC.  We invest in these neighborhoods one home at a time.

Our Mission

Sitka Properties  is the best-in-class home improvement contractor of existing residential and mixed use properties, providing well built, energy efficient homes designed to satisfy the needs and wants of our customers.

Sitka acquires homes in existing neighborhoods, and designs our improvements to not only compliment the community, but meet and exceed the demands of our customers.

Sitka values the importance of people.  We treat our customers, neighbors, suppliers,  subcontractors and each other with respect, support and encouragement, always prioritizing the importance of the individual and the family.

Our Culture

Sitka is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality of service to our customers and trade partners.  We are honest, reputable and work to provide the best designed and best built renovations in the existing home environment.

Renovating to Rejuvenate Maryland Neighborhoods.

Our Team

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